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Google Ads are best or Facebook ads are best?

People are moving their businesses online nowadays. Pandemics force people to limit their social gatherings and to prevent chances of being jobless. People are considering moving businesses online so that if some kind of pandemic situation arises they don’t face issues regarding their business or job. Work from home is growing nowadays. People like it because it's easy and comfortable. They can work from home with home comfort and earn money for their families. People face a very hard time due to the pandemic and now they are aware of how to handle these types of situations.

How to bring business online.

There are many ways to bring businesses online. You can make an ecommerce website on wordpress which is very easy and you can set up a wordpress site in a day if you are new to it. Others can sell your products with Amazon, Alibaba and AliExpress which is also very easy all you need to do is create a account and start posting your product details for customers and billions of people were able to see your product and chances of selling your product become 100% because of billions of people market.

How to promote my business on the Internet.

Marketing or promoting your business on the internet becomes easy due to social media marketing and google Ads. Social Media platforms provide you an opportunity to advertise your products on their platform by paying little amount of money and you can increase chances to bring people to your online business.

Facebook Advertising:-

Everyone nowadays use social media to stay in touch with others. Facebook offers posting ads of your product on a cheap rate and your product will be seen by millions of people.

Google Ads.

Everyone has an Email account and every one of us visits it daily. Internet giant Google also offers users to promote their products by using google ads. Google ads advertise your website to every internet user who searches for a product matching with your product. Your product will come first on the page whenever a user searches on google. 

Which is better google Ads or Social Media like Facebook

In my opinion google Ads is a best way to advertise your product because every time a lay person want to buy a product they will first search on internet and google is one of the best search engine in the world and 90 % chances are that they will search on google which increase sale of your product upto 90% on the other hand facebook don’t have this kind of opportunity they advertise to those users who are currently logged in to their account and scrolling through the facebook. Not everyone come to social media to buy and sell products they come here to kill time or get to gather with internet friends.


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