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Techno Spark 7 Pro you need to buy or not detailed review

Techno provides best and affordable phones to their customers. There are many reasons why these phones are available in very low price and one of them is that they are manufacturing these phone locally which help they to reduce coast on the phone and also make it affordable for every customer. One of their product techno spark 7 pro is one of the most selling product because of some of its main features like 35 watt fast charging which is not common in this price range.

Techno Spark 7 Pro Price and Specification?

One of the main selling point of the phone is its fast charging and USB type C which attract most of customers to this phone. Phone comes with sim ejector tools, USB A to USB C cable, 35 watt Fast Charger and a case. Phone has starting price of 22000 Rupees. The price of 35 watt charger is 4500 Rupees if you buy it saperatly. If you calculate it now they phone comes in only 17500 Rupees. Which is not bad. Phone can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Phone has best LCD display which is not brighter enough in Day Light. You can face difficulties to use phone in direct sun ligth. Camera quality of the phone is also not bad. The average person will be ok with the camera. Camera performace is not like the flagship but its very decient. Phone has dual sim support too.

Why you need to buy Techno Spark 7 Pro?

We are using and testing this phone for about a mounth. We were very confident that due to its cheap price the phone cannot survive too long. We test gaming on the phone but the phone handle it very good. Even we puch the phone to drain its battery in a day but we failed phone has one of the best battery timing. If you use this phone for calls messaging then it can last for 3 days. Phone has very best charging performace. Fast charging is one of the best feature of the phone which help the user to charge it quickly. We never ever in this period worried about battery of the phone. The thing which keep us worry is only phones usage in day light which is little bit not ok. Phone does not have stario speakers but they are good. Phone does not hang for a miniute in the month. Phone has best processing speed.

Final Opinion on Techno Spark 7 Pro?

If you need a phone in affordable price then we will suggest that go ahead and buy this phone. This is one of the best option you can avail. Phone is good in speed and battery timing.

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